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Drawing on inter-disciplinary expertise, the CRC produces cutting edge research on critical dimensions of regional change, including civic engagement, economic development, environmental justice, regional equity, and youth health & well-being.



The CRC work is founded on the principle of collaboration, and the belief that regional change is catalyzed by diverse groups of individuals and organizations engaged in a process of mutual inquiry and action.



Field-shaping research methods and data tools, such as socio-spatial mapping, multi-indicator indices of well-being and vulnerability and participatory action research provide unique contributions to scholarship and practices of regional change.



The CRC’s research is solutions oriented and intended to inform public policy, community advocacy, economic development, and human/ social service sectors in their work to build healthy, prosperous, sustainable, and equitable communities and regions.



Clear and visually compelling designs and creative use of multiple media ensure that the CRC’s research reaches and informs its intended audiences.

What's new at the CRC?

What's new at the CRC?

Jonathan K. London

CRC Co-Sponsors and Presents at Roots of Resilience

September 2014

CRC Director Jonathan London presented the CRC's Regional Opportunity Index at Roots of Resilience, the annual conference of the Central California Environmental Justice Network. [Read more here].



Mindy Romero

Sac Bee Op-ed on Population Change and the Vote

August 2014

Mindy Romero, Director of the CRC's California Civic Engagement Project, discusses the impacts of California's population change on the 2016 general election. [Read more here].



Nicole Washington

Welcome CRC's new student assistant!

August 2014

Nicole Washington joined the CRC in 2014 as a Student Assistant. Her work at the CRC will focus on the weekly newsletter "Region Matters," the CRC Facebook page and CRC website updates. [Read more here].




Current Initiatives

  • civicengagementCivic Engagement
  • economic developmentEconomic Development
  • environmental justiceEnvironmental Justice
  • scholarshipEngaged Scholarship
  • regionaleqRegional Equity
  • youthYouth Well-Being
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    Workshops on Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities

    The California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and its member agencies are conducting a total of three workshops; Fresno (Aug 25), Los Angeles (Aug 26), and Oakland (Sep 3) to solicit public input on guidelines for the new Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC). [Read more here ...]

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