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Drawing on inter-disciplinary expertise, the CRC produces cutting edge research on critical dimensions of regional change, including civic engagement, economic development, environmental justice, regional equity, and youth health & well-being.



The CRC work is founded on the principle of collaboration, and the belief that regional change is catalyzed by diverse groups of individuals and organizations engaged in a process of mutual inquiry and action.



Field-shaping research methods and data tools, such as socio-spatial mapping, multi-indicator indices of well-being and vulnerability and participatory action research provide unique contributions to scholarship and practices of regional change.



The CRC’s research is solutions oriented and intended to inform public policy, community advocacy, economic development, and human/ social service sectors in their work to build healthy, prosperous, sustainable, and equitable communities and regions.



Clear and visually compelling designs and creative use of multiple media ensure that the CRC’s research reaches and informs its intended audiences.

What's New at the CRC?

IVAN Summit

What's New at the CRC?

Redefining one person, one vote would redefine our democracy

June 2015

Last Sunday, The Sacramento Bee published an op-ed written by Mindy Romero, CCEP director. Mindy discusses the recent U.S. Supreme Court's decision to hear a Texas case that could redefine the one-person, one vote standard for legislative redistricting in the United States. If altered, California's democracy could lose big. [Read here...]

CRC Summer Research Awards

May 2015

The UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences, in partnership with the CRC, recently provided various monetary awards to select Ph.D. candidates and master's students in the social sciences for summer research and travel. Recipients of the awards are: Ingrid Behrsin, Rebecca Campbell, Elizabeth Christensen, Jonah Cox, Megan Kelso, Xijia Li, Brandon Louie, and Jessica Smith [Read more here...]

The Effectiveness of Regional Housing Policy: Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area

April 2015

Palm, Matthew and Deb Niemeier. April 2015. The Effectiveness of Regional Housing Policy: Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area. Paper. Center for Regional Change, UC Davis. [View the publication here...]

Mindy Romero

Video: Capitol Weekly's Politics on Tap with Mindy Romero

March 2015

Recently, CCEP director Mindy Romero appeared on Capitol Weekly's Politics on Tap hosted by John Meyers. Mindy discussed the recent record low voter turnout in California and its impact on the state's youth vote.. [View the video here...]



Current Initiatives

  • civicengagementCivic Engagement
  • economic developmentEconomic Development
  • environmental justiceEnvironmental Justice
  • scholarshipEngaged Scholarship
  • regionaleqRegional Equity
  • youthYouth Well-Being
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    IVAN Summit

    IVAN (Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods) is a community-led initiative that incorporates community experiences and government expertise to address environmental hazards in front-line communities. IVAN has been the medium for many community successes and for improved communication between government and residents.

    This event is open to the first 150 people to RSVP. RSVP on our Eventbrite page here.

    Date: July 13, 2015
    Time: 10am-3:30pm
    Place: CalEPA’s Coastal Hearing Room 1001| Street, Sacramento, CA

    [Read more here ...]